Potato Varieties

potato variety

Extensive choice of potato variety 

Maris Piper 
Providing a floury texture, this white/creamy flesh is popular with fish and chip shops. Keeps a rounded shape with a clean peel. 
This oval-shaped potato gives a great flavour in addition to a yellowy flesh. There is no colour discolouration during the cooking process. 
Similar to the Maris Piper but more oval in shape, this potato has a cream flesh and gives great stability when it comes to the cooking process. 
This potato frys to a lovely golden colour and can provide low wastage due to its oval shape. Offers less bruising than its counterparts. 
This potato gives a good consistent golden colour, keeping great texture with very little wastage. With light yellow flesh, it also offers some resistance to bruising. 
Gives a great flavour, similar again to the Maris Piper - great for chips! Great texture, light yellow flesh and oval shaped. 
Other frying varieties include:
Maris Peer
Maris Bard
Providing a firm texture, this red-skinned, yellow-fleshed variety is excellent for roasting, mashing and boiling.  
Again, suitable for roasting, mashing and boiling, this variety has a slightly dry texture, yellow skin and light yellow flesh.
Excellent for baking, boiling and roasting, this potato has a light yellow skin and flesh. 
Light yellow skin and flesh- excellent texture for boiling and baking.

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